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Who Should We Choose?

So… you have made the decision its time to sell your property.  Now you have another decision to make, which realtor do we choose.  Do we go with someone local or a realtor out of town?  To many times folks tend to think in order to get good money or good exposure for their property they have to go with the “big guys”.

Many people don’t realize that your local realtor can do everything that “the big guys” can do and sometimes more.  Your local realtors know their local market   They know the people of the market area, they are their business associates, friends and neighbors.  They know things about the local market and the people in that area that only someone who lives there can know.    They know you.

For the most part all realtors work together and “coop” on listings.  So, if the local realtor lists your property and a realtor from another company has someone looking for a property like yours, they work together, bringing the buyer and seller together and getting your listing sold.    Your local realtors have all the same advertising options available to them as “the big guys” they post your listings to all the same websites and social media as other realtors.

But most important your local realtor gives back to your community.  They are a part of it just like you.  Not only do they donate money to multiple local fundraisers, but they also donate their time to local events within your communities.  They care about what happens within your communities and give back to them.  How many times do you see the “big guys” donating funds or their time to your community?

So, think twice when looking for a realtor.  You don’t have to have a big name to sell your property.  Your local realtor can do the same thing as all of them and sometimes better.  Give them a call……


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