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For Sale By Owner….Why Use a Realtor?

Many folks today try to sell their homes themselves.  Many say well why not?  Can’t be that hard can it?  Just stick a for sale sign in my yard, put it on Facebook and Zillow and the best part I’ll save money because I won’t have to pay commission.  Well…. have you ever thought that by listing your house with a Realtor that they will actually ADD value to the whole sale process??  Maybe even to the actual sale??  Have you ever thought that with the added exposure you will get for your property with a Realtor, your house will probably sell quicker, which means it will probably sell for more?  Studies show the longer a house is on the market, the less it will sell for.  Look at these statistics:

0-4 Weeks – 98.1%

4-12 Weeks – 96.4%

13-24 Weeks – 94.4%

24 – More – 91.1%

* Source:  National Association of Realtors

Doesn’t take long for your house to sit on the market and you could have easily paid for that commission, huh?  And did you know, in most cases, if you use a Realtor, you don’t pay them a dime unless your house sells??

So why not hire a Realtor and let them try and sell your house?  If it doesn’t sell then you aren’t out anything.  In fact, if you hire a Realtor it will be the exact opposite, you will gain ALOT, you will get a highly trained, licensed professional that is experienced in all aspects of selling a home, from listing the property, to marketing the property to the final sale.  There are SO many things that a Realtor will do for you, many that you won’t even be aware of.  Sure… you can try and do it yourself for FREE, but be careful you know what they say…….you get what you pay for.

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